We’ve built a platform
to lend but not like others.

We’re reinventing the lending platforms as you know it – We don't lock your capital , and you can withdraw anytime you want , and get your money instantly in PFTC and exchange it. also there is no limit on re-invests , you can re-invest daily as little as $1 .

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Just like Bitcoin, PROFYT PRO is a decentralized peer to peer digital coin that is not controlled by any central

institutions or governments. It is an open-source platform designed to provide multiple investment opportunities.

PROFYT PRO is designed to be a digital currency that can be used to store value and to exchange with anyone in the world with extremely low fees and fast lightning speed transactions.

The Profyt Pro App (Coming Soon) apps

Once you’ve entered into our ecosystem, you can mange every thing. Anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection can partici pate in global marketplace.


The Profyt PRO App will be released after ICO , and it will offer many features

  • Crypto-news curation
  • Natural Language Understanding
  • Wallet aggregation
  • Professional Network
  • No more expensive fees


Profyt Pro token will be released on the basis of Ethereum and Bitocin platform. It’s compatibility of the token with third-party services wallets, exchanges etc, and provides easy-to-use integration.


April 6, 2018 (12:00AM GMT)

Number of tokens for sale

1,200,000 PFTC


April 20, 2018 (11:00AM GMT)

Tokens exchange rate

$0.38 Per Token On Pre-ICO

Acceptable currencies


Minimal transaction amount

150 PFTC



Our Roadmap RoadMap

April 6 2018

Start of Pre-ICO

April 20 2018

ICO Start

May 15 2018

PFTC Local Exchange

May 21 2018

PFTC Lending Program

May 30 2018

Block Explorer Website

June 13 2018

PFTC Windows Wallet

June 18 2018

PFTC Linux and Mac Desktop Wallet

June 21 2018

List on Coin Directory - Coinmarketcap

July 12 2018

Android App - Wallet

July 18 2018

IOS App - Wallet

August 16 2018

Financing for international Blockchain technology events

Frequently asked questions FAQS

Below we’ve provided a bit of ICO, ICO Token, cryptocurrencies, and few others. If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below.

Profyt Pro - is unique platform; that is secure, smart and easy-to-use platform, and completely disrupting the way businesses raise capital.

At the moment we support both ETH and BTC , you can easily deposit some into the platform after signing up and be prepared for ICO.

You need to sign-up first and them deposit some currency into the platform then get ready for the ICO to start.

Our development team, managers and consultants come from several countries, mainly from the Canada, many from Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore. We all together do our best to offer PFTC users with highly advanced solution for money transaction and user-friendly apps It would be more important to update latest information from us via your email

Pre-ICO time: April 6 2018, 12 am - UTC Time ICO Time : April 20 2018, 12am - UTC time. On our website, we provide you with a countdown timer. You should see the seconds tick down to ICO day, and when it counts down to 0, you can start buying token.

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